Hey Mac User. I'm sorry but you have to do the most things in order to start the game. You have to start the .rb files via the Terminal. If you

don't know how to do that, HowToStartARubyFile helps you :)

For the best support, you should just take the version from 0.95 ;)

Beta Versions

Beta 0.95 (Build 1/5)

Beta 0.95 (Build 2/5)

Beta 0.95 (Build 3/5)

Beta 0.95 (Build 4/5)

Beta 0.95 (Build 5/5) (Currently working!)

Beta 0.95 (Build 5/5) o

Beta 1.00 o


Gamma Versions (o

Gamma 2.00 (Version made, though lost)

Gamma 2.10 o

Gamma 2.15 o

Gamma 2.20 o

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Nightly Builds*


Changelog (Gamma 2.20)

 *to download the newest Version before its relase