This is the biggest update I've ever released! It contains plenty of new locations, items, bug-fixes and much more :)

I hope you'll enjoy it. I don't know if I can finish the Beta 0.95 in the next month(s) (August, September or October)


  • Added Goldcoins
  • Added some puzzles
  • Added a new universe to find the treasure
  • Added plenty of new Locations to go to
  • Longer descriptions
  • Some Spelling mistakes fixed
  • It doesn't say that you've taken the lighter twice
  • The TNT is now 'gone' after you took it
  • Somtimes you can select between 2 path's
  • Bug fixes
  • Added a little Computer that you can use. Its OS was made by myself :)
  • Added Notepad, that you can use to write note's. It also keeps the notes after you've closed the game as a .txt file in the game_files folder
  • Added a bit ASCII Art for various items
  • Added a feature that you can see how many moves you did (n, s, w, e)
  • You can disable/enable the moves feature
  • Added more dialoges
  • Added more monologes
  • Playble on Mac
  • Better Linux support
  • No Beta Code needed anymore
  • The 'moves' feature doesn't need more place than needed (on Windows!)
  • The game now ends when you select the wrong universe
  • Added Music to play for the best gaming experience
  • Entities now have lives
  • Windows Versions now provided as a Setup.exe
  • You can now also type in: "go n", "south", "go west"
  • Added a clock; Every step takes one Minute.
  • Added a date feature
  • Added a password Save-feature
  • You can examine all items that you can take! (You get a description about the item that often help you!)
  • Added a little easteregg
  • If you enter a wrong command, the game says: This command doesn't exist: command
  • There are also alot of items, just laying around, that you cannot take but examine
  • Added first version of a camcorder, with which you can record the monster in order to get more information about it
  • Added the first version of the camcorder menu, where you can change batteries, look up recorded things etc
  • Added systemrequirements
  • Updated README.txt
  • You can select between a horror based way to get the treasure or a mystical way to get it! 
  • You can now look at everything

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Nightly Builds*


Changelog (Gamma 2.20)

 *to download the newest Version before its relase