-Some new rooms have been created; You cannot enter them yet (Garden and Livingroom)

-Added more Inventory places- Now 4

 -You now type in 'go through' if you want to go through the fence in the neighbour's garden

-Added the feature: 'credits

'-Added Scruffy, the Janitor (clear) which will clear your screen when you have too much garbage on it ;)

-Added some eastereggs!

-Game is now split up: There are the Development Versions, and the executables (.exe's for Windows and Wine). Both are in the Download Folder :). Just look under the directory OldVersions

Bug Fixes:

-You can now leave the kitchen again

-Better graphics

-Removed Herobrine


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Nightly Builds*


Changelog (Gamma 2.20)

 *to download the newest Version before its relase