It all started off in the year 2008. I made my first website ( After I made this website I always wanted to know how to make the code. So, 4 years later I started learning HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. After that I wanted to learn how to program. So I searched a good programming language. I could choose either Python or Ruby... and I choose Ruby. After I've learned Ruby I wanted to make a game, but you can't make any games with plain-ruby (I tought). Then I remebered a game called Zork. This game is a textadventure, that means that you don't need any graphics. That was very great for me, but before I made something different: JeytasOS. That is a remake of Dos wich will later be use as an OS in TLOD (The Legend Of Dimando).

Then I started testing how I can make a textadventure. The first try was a failure, because I didn't have the moving controls with 'n', 's' etc. Then I made a Livestream in which I wanted to show people how to make a textadventure. In this Livestream first attempt to make my game was created (You can watch the Livestream here:

Then after a while, I thought about a better way to create a textadventure. Thinking about how to make a good an easy to use/understand engine took me very long (4 days I believe). The first Version didn't have any name, but after some versions I called it The Secret Case

After about a month of development I finally made the Beta :)

Since the Beta the game is called 'The Legend Of Dimando'

And this is the Story of my game :) 

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Changelog (Gamma 2.20)

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