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As you know, I havent worked on this project for a long time. And then I faced a problem! I don't know how I change locations etc within the code. But its okay once I've figured that out. Although then I face another problem - I wrote the code so, that I can't even find the things I'm searching. I have no idea what's doing what. And when I change something, the game immediatly crashes. I tried to find a way, to make location changing easier, altough the game won't let me do that eiter. I put stuff in and it crashes... That is super inconvinient... The game will be paused (the development) [yes, again] until I've figured out a way. I'm sorry! You can still play the just released Gamma 2.20 (here)!

You will get an update if I found a way! Regards, the developer

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    idiot! (Tuesday, 02 September 2014 18:35)

    Hey you bum! You are miserable and pathetic. You told us that this project has been revided and then I read this post! I hope that you will burn in hell! If I don't get an update within the next few days, you will hear from my lawyer!

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    Marvin Johanning (Friday, 05 September 2014 22:41)

    Hey Idiot!,
    thank you very much for your 'nice' comment and support ticket. I want to tell you, that you should definetly check out the Nightly Builds (http://thelegendofdimando.jimdo.com/nightly-builds/) because I will always put new stuff up there. I hope I could help you. Have a 'nice' day

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