Updates might be late... or are they?!

Hey guys,

I'm sorry to tell you, but my game's updates might be later than expected. I thought that I could finish the Beta 0.95 in summer vacation, but due to the break that I've made, it's not done. That means that I have to finish the 0.95 at first.... I really hope that the game won't miss it's planned release (Febuary 2014). But we'll see, because the Beta is not finished at all! The current version is the Beta 0.95 Build 4.66! And the Beta is until the Version 1.95! So there is not that much time left! I try as hard as I can, but it won't be easy (You know, I'm know in grade 9 and I have to learn alot)... I'm so upset, because of myself. Maybe the release will be on July 2014... is possible. Not even half of the complete story is done!

But wait!! I have a great idea. My parents aren't there on mondays. Maybe then I can go to McDonalds, buy a 1+1 thingy and take my Laptop with me. Then I can connect to Mces Wireless Lan and think about some ideas for the game. Then, at the weekend I'll make the ideas come true! That's a perfect idea! 

So maybe because of the idea I can finish the game in time! I hope my plans goes right! I'll make another update on monday if I'll do it!

-Marvin :D

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