Beta 0.95

Hey Guys,

the new version of The Legend Of Dimando is going to be the 'bigdate' (A big update). When it's released there are going to be many new places, puzzles etc. 

The Update is in 5 phases, which are:


 Build 1

 Build 2

 Build 3

 Build 4

 Build 5


Build 5 is the final Version with all the changes. 

The current changes are

  • Added Goldcoins
  • Added some puzzles
  • Added a new universe to find the treasure
  • Added plenty of new Locations to go to
  • Longer descriptions
  • Some Spelling mistakes fixed
  • It doesn't say that you've taken the lighter twice
  • The TNT is now 'gone' after you took it
  • Somtimes you can select between 2 path's
  • Bug fixes
  • Added a little Computer that you can use. Its OS was made by myself :)
  • Added Notepad, that you can use to write note's. It also keeps the notes after you've closed the game as a .txt file in the game_files folder

Have fun.



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